Want to Live Like a Kardashian for a Day? Now You Can

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It’s vacation time again. Where will you go and where will you stay?

If you haven’t decided yet, retreat to the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California for a luxurious vacation.  Situated above Sunset Blvd, seven miles away from the airport, the most stunning accommodations await your arrival.

No. We’re not referring to a hotel or an Airbnb or any other accommodations that offer single to three-person sleeping rooms.  Instead, we’re calling your attention to your home away from home for the duration of your stay—welcome to the remarkable Sunset Hills Estate

What Does the Sunset Hills Estate Offer?

This luxurious mansion features six amazingly large bedrooms suited for anyone escaping the chaos of everyday life or seeking to spend quality time with family and friends. The Sunset Hills Estate expands more than 7,200 square feet, sleeps 14 people, has eight gorgeous full baths and a spa bath, and boasts more amenities than you can imagine.  If you ever wondered what life would be like if you were a Kardashian, here’s your opportunity—everything you need exists here.

This unique property puts you right at the heart of living like a local.  Some amenities you will have in this rental includes

  • Gourmet Kitchen–With ample space, marble flooring and countertops, a center island with benches, recess and track lighting, and beautiful ceiling windows, spending quality time together and preparing meals will be memorable.  Additionally, breakfast bars, stainless steel appliances, large stovetop and oven, microwave, dishwasher, dryer, and a beautiful patio for enjoying meals outside complete this incredible fully equipped kitchen.

  • Spiral Staircase–This unbelievably grand and gorgeous marble staircase with decorative metal railings wind and wind until you reach the top. Your ascent and descent will be magical as you pose for your portrait and pretend to live like a Kardashian.

  • Elevator–Yes, there is one. If the staircase is too tiring a trek, then hop on the elevator for a fast ride to the top in an elegantly polished elevator with recess lighting and charming wood interior.

  • Oversized Bedrooms–With contemporary furniture, floor to ceiling mirrors, plush pillows, and mattresses to cradle you while you sleep, you will have more space than you can handle while you bask in the quiet serenity of this peaceful retreat.

  • Hardwood and Marble Flooring Throughout–You will never have to worry about hurting your feet while walking barefoot on any of these gorgeous shiny and flawless floors. Dark and richly colored wood floors and marbling extend through every room in this mansion.


  • Free Parking and Wifi–This luxury mansion comes with multiple parking spaces and provides WiFi should any work need to be done.  If so, you’re covered.  Likewise, if you want to watch television on the rooftop, you’re covered.  Moreover, if you need to connect one or multiple devices to the internet for any reason (gaming), again, you’re covered.

  • Pool–No need to worry about traveling anywhere to take a refreshing dip. This mansion accompanies a long rectangular pool nestled in the back of the estate beneath lots of plants and trees— privacy will never be an issue.

  • Rooftop Lounge–Enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, the mountains, and the pool while you sip cocktails from a swanky rooftop bar atop this extravagant piece of real estate. You can find everything you need for a great barbecue on this rooftop.

The amenities for this mansion are endless and too many to list here.  Though most delightful are the ceiling windows superbly architected and placed throughout this large property.  Other features include a spacious movie theater, a game room for family entertainment, and a wine room for enjoying family happy hour.  It’s almost inconceivable the level of detail and number of amenities there are in this luxury mansion rental.

If you plan on keeping up with the Kardashians, get used to living in luxury mansions like this anytime you vacation because, after spending time at Sunset Hills Estate, living in a hotel when you travel will officially become obsolete.

Luxury Mansion Rentals understands vacationing with loved ones is precious, and it is an opportunity to relax and connect with one another.  For these reasons, we consistently go above and beyond to make sure we provide our customers with unparalleled service and amazing rentals so they can spend more time enjoying family and less time worrying about the process.

Contact us for more information on how we can assist you with finding the right luxury mansion rental for your next vacation.

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