Venice Beach Vacation

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Venice Beach is of course, Italy. Kidding. Of course, Venice California is most associated with the beach, hence why it is called Venice Beach. The name alone lets you know that you are in a quirky place and the Los Angeles neighbourhood lives up to the hype.

Venice Beach is a very popular vacation location in LA for many reasons including its legendary beach, the world famous Boardwalk and its laid back lifestyle. But there is so much more to Venice Beach than what regular tourists get to experience.

Before you step foot in Venice the next time (or for the first time), here are a few of the things you might want to consider.

Top Things to Do in Venice Beach

The first thing you should do when planning a vacation to Venice Beach is to find a place to stay. Most people only go there for a few days at a time, so they just slum it in a hotel. But for people with keen tastes and high demands, a villa really is the only way to go.

What you should look out for is, well, a beach house because after all, that is what Venice is mostly about. But not just any beach house will do, you need something with charm, charisma and maybe a concierge. Once you have your villa picked out, it is time to get in on the action.

If you are unable to find a villa for rent within the Venice Beach area, there are loads of options in bordering Santa Monica. A short drive in your ridiculously fast car will bring you to the beach front, from where you can walk around or ride a bicycle to explore the Hood’s best attractions.

Venice Beach

It would be a crime to not go to Venice Beach while at Venice Beach. But going is not enough, you have to really experience it. Whether this means building sandcastles or surfing the waves is up to you, but we strongly recommend the latter. The best place to break the waves is at a point called Breakwater.


Venice Beach Boardwalk is a sight for curious eyes. With hundreds of performers, street vendors of different types and a constant supply of onlookers, there is no better way to spend a whole day in Venice. When you are not being entertained by magicians, mystics or musicians, you can grab a few unique souvenirs like a grain of rice, with your name engraved on it! Who wouldn’t want that?

Venice canals

Just like the Italian city it was made and named after, Venice has its own canals. You can’t rent a boat or paddleboard there, but you can take yours along and experience a different view of the city at your own leisurely pace.

Venice Skate Park

People say that skateboarding was invented in Venice. People say a lot of things. Whether this is fact or fiction, we don’t know. What we know for sure however, is that skateboarding was popularised by a group of surfers in LA, who were looking for a way to surf on land. As a result, skateboarding will forever be grateful to Venice Beach and the Z Boys. Skateboarding is a big part of the city’s heritage and there is no better place to take it in than at the Skate Park. Even if you don’t skate, you can watch some of the best skaters in the world do their tricks and maybe learn a couple yourself.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Named after the founder of Venice, the boulevard is a stretch of road with shops, restaurants and art galleries. Immerse yourself with stylish boutiques selling European furniture, chic designer clothes and vintage bicycles (not all in the same place of course).

And don’t forget the food. Have a taste of Italy at Felix Trattoria, sample the vegetarian cuisine at Plant Food + Wine or visit the always packed Gjelina.

Muscle Beach

If you just asked what muscle beach is then you are clearly not into the ultra-competitive world of professional bodybuilding. In your defence, not many people are. Regardless, you have to check out the action at Muscle Beach. This world-renowned heritage sight (unofficial) has attracted the world’s leading bodybuilders for over six decades, including California’s ex-governor before he became the Terminator.

Mosaic Tile House

If you happen to visit Venice over the weekend, then we highly recommend a stop at Mosaic Tile House. It is home to Cheri Pann and Gonzalo Duran, but the artists converted it into a work space and a piece of art. Covered in shiny tiles and stone wares, the building is impossible to miss and really shouldn’t be.